Oops I bought 3 Kate Spade Purses in One Day

Happy Birthday to me I guess! Kate Spade had a major labour day sale and I went a tad crazy (that’s an understatement seeing as I spent like $700.00 CAD), … Continue reading Oops I bought 3 Kate Spade Purses in One Day

Makeup Haul!

I’m such a sucker for cute packaging…if it’s pink or has a cute design it’s highly likely that it will end up in my collection. I picked up a cute … Continue reading Makeup Haul!

The Body Shop Haul

Another day another haul LOL (idk why I’m laughing because my bank account is not… oh well hehe). The Body Shop has really upped their game in terms of skincare … Continue reading The Body Shop Haul

Trying The Ordinary Skincare

As if I seriously needed more skincare…but I did it anyways  LOL! I couldn’t pass it up, The Ordinary is just so cheap and it’s finally available on Sephora online. … Continue reading Trying The Ordinary Skincare

Makeup and Skincare Haul/Reviews

Oops I did it again…I went shopping… I needed a new moisturizer so I went to Sephora to buy one thing, and naturally I leave with the entire store. First … Continue reading Makeup and Skincare Haul/Reviews