Matte vs. Shimmery Blushes

Ahh, decisions decisions. To go matte or to go shimmery?  I definitely went through a phase with each, and I’ll tell you why.

When I was younger, I was attracted to the Benefit Cosmetics packaging because it was just so darn cute! And all of their blushes are really shimmery. But when I started to get pimples around grade 10, the shimmer just wasn’t working for me anymore. It tends to highlight your pimples and large pores, and most of my acne was on my cheeks! I wanted to avoid anything that would draw attention to it so I gave up on the shimmer blushes for a while.

I switched to matte blushes because I felt that it hid the pores and pimples more. But recently my skin has been doing A LOT better and I’ve given shimmery blushes another go. I tried Benefit’s Bella Bamba again the other day and I fell in love! When your skin is smooth it just adds that extra level of glowy-ness that we all crave in the summer. I am so happy I’ve found my love for shimmery blushes again.

What do you prefer? Matte or shimmer?!

4 Replies to “Matte vs. Shimmery Blushes”

  1. I go for shimmer or glossy blush these days. I do like matte blush, but they need to be sheer and not very pigmented *LOL* This girl is looking too dry~~


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